Chapter Two

A month ago, Hartly broods over the death of his father and is propositioned by Ash to take revenge… but not in a way that Hartly see’s fit.
Sahn Thermenta has plans of his own. Plans that Ol’Blud doesnt see eye-to-eye with. Nor does hartly for that matter.
Divisions are made, sides are picked.
In the now, Hart is taken a-back by yet another new friend, but this time for “pretty” different reasons.
He and Kai make a pact and their unlikely alliance is confirmed… for now.

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Chapter One

A year ago, where our story begins, Ashen Thermaneta is raised full Sahn of the Blud. His oldest friend Hartly watches on, proud but desperate to be raised along side him. Ol’ Blud tells Hartly he’s thinking of sending Old Sahn Thermenta to relive his father of the life long mission of guarding their most prized asset – The charge… But some disturbing news gives new meaning to their plans. In the now, Hart seeks to find those held responsible for his fathers death, testing the waters with the old desert dwelling enemies of the Blud — Drovers. When it comes to blows, Hart is introduced to a new friend

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